winter moon – snack studio Canada

secret limited edition
fall/winter flavour

the basics

winter moon

3 bars

net weight per bar: 40g (1.41oz)
split in 2 square servings


currently only available to previous customers

only 79 packs left!

functional superfood snack bars crafted in small batches


almond butter

dark chocolate






cloves & cinnamon

dried cranberries

flavour details

nothing is more comfortable than cozying up next to the fireplace while reading your favorite book. 

our cloves and cinnamon kick set the mood for a snack that hugs you like a blanket. 

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3 bars


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cheery on top
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cheery on top

cheery on top

3 bars

base: almond butter with milk chocolate & dates
bite: corn flakes & almonds
kick: dried cherry and cinnamon