COVID-19 health & safety measure – snack studio Canada

COVID-19 health & safety measure

Maintaining rigorous health & safety standards has always been our foremost priority. In light of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we would like to give an overview of our operations and the extra precautionary measures we have adopted.

We have reviewed our supply chain to ensure we are working only with the most trusted suppliers who have their own strict standards and procedures for handling raw materials. While there is no scientific evidence of possible transmission through food, we are not taking anything lightly. Moreover, the packaging we use is manufactured in compliance with published official guidelines and is screened before entering the country, passing all checks and holding Material Safety Data Sheets for verification.

All our ingredients are then prepared within an accredited HACCP certified central kitchen, with Standard Operating Procedures to prevent contamination as a whole. The same systems are also in place for all our operating locations and these include:

• Twice daily body temperature checks for every employee.
• Immediate mandatory sick leave when staff exhibit any flu-like or respiratory symptoms.
• Protective facial masks which utilize the world's most advanced technology {N95 grade filtration).
• PIC (person-in-charge) senior personnel who are certified in all food safety procedures and fully authorized to enforce all requirements.
• High-grade disinfectant for hand-sanitization and surface cleaning.
• 20-minute recurring alarm intervals for all staff to pause work and conduct thorough handwash procedures.
• 60-minute recurring alarm intervals to pause operations and sanitize all surfaces.

The heads of our Food Safety and our Training & Development Departments have been tasked with and are fully mobilized on conducting daily repetitive on-site safety awareness campaigns to inform and educate all staff on how to reduce the risk of infections and transmissions.

We shall remain hyper-focused on our procedures, and vigilant in the way we monitor our operations, and will be responsive to any Dubai Health Authority or Dubai Municipality updates.

Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.