what we're made of – snack studio Canada

indulgent, experimental and guilt-free snacks

we’re not a factory,
we’re a studio.

we’re able to produce small amounts of orders with a variety of ingredients, because we’re not limited with our production line like a typical factory. because of this, you can choose your snacks based on what you like so it’s not more of the same thing.

our customers make our brand

our customers are the driving force behind everything we do.
we study our sales, user feedback and ingredient selections to build and improve our flavours and products.
so, with every purchase you make, you help make our brand better and help us create better products for you

only quality ingredients in our kitchen

the starting point of all our snacks is our homemade bases.
we make them from scratch to make sure we are building our snacks from the cleanest ingredients possible.
our aim is to never fool our customers with any hidden ingredients, what you see is what you get.

happy tummys

during our manufacturing process, we don't add any preservatives or refined sugar.
you'll only find refined sugar in our dairy chocolates, because we chose to find a balance between tasty and healthy.
we will always have the plant-based variety of chocolate that has no refined sugar, no soy (and obviously no dairy) for a healthier choice.  

something for everyone

our snacks are made in small batches - small enough that we can even make them to order!
pick and choose from our base, bite and kick combinations to find that snack that's uniquely 'you'!

build your snack from AED 89build your snack from AED 89BUILD YOUR SNACK

customize your snack with ingredients you love starting from AED 89

our curated collections

we created ready-made snacks that you can simply pick up, with a wide enough variety to suit everyone's tastes.
our basic collection was created as the crème de la crème of flavours - no restrictions, just focusing on taste.
we also have different lines that cater to specific needs and dietary requirements.

the basics

starting from AED 33

our hero collection where we put together different combinations to cater to everyone's taste.
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protein boosters

starting from AED 45

we added 10g of protein powder to our naturally rich-in-protein bars, to give you the push you need for your workout.
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kids corner

starting from AED 27

packed to the right portions, our kid-friendly flavours are sweet & simple!
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calorie cuts

starting from AED 42

craving your favourite snack? keep your calorie intake to a minimum by munching on our low-cal take on them!
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starting from AED 39

making sure we've got our plant-based community covered by using vegan milk and dark chocolate in the bases of our snacks.

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